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Potomac Velo Club | June 26, 2022

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Summer Wednesday’s are for Mountain Biking

Summer Wednesday’s are for Mountain Biking
  • On May 27, 2016

The Potomac Velo Club’s (PVC) Wednesdays at Wakefield (W@W) 2016 series continues a great tradition of “after work” mountain biking founded almost a decade ago at Wakefield Park. This fun yet competitive multi-lap course brings out some of the best mountain bikers in Washington, DC, and you cannot afford to miss it.

Besides, by the time the race is over, you’ll have missed out all the traffic you would have been suck in anyway!

This year’s W@W 2016 Race Dates include:

  • Race #1 @ Wakefield June 22, 2016
  • Race #2 @ Wakefield June 29, 2016
  • Race #3 @ Wakefield July 06, 2016
  • Race #4 @ Wakefield July 13, 2016 — Series Final

Due to the construction –or maybe a blessing in disguise — we needed to change the course this year. But in developing a new course, we built something very unique that includes trails we’ve never used before. If you’re a hard core W@W alumni, have no worries. Roughly 75-percent of the course is the same Wednesdays at Wakefield trial you know and love. But expect a few new twists and turns has the start (and some of the middle) was changed to make up for the trial no longer accessible within the construction zone. Special thanks to the Fairfax County Park Authority and the folks at Audrey Moore RECenter for helping navigate around the construction and for supporting PVC in making your Summer Wednesday afternoons full of great racing!

Everyone knows that trails don’t maintain themselves. That’s why PVC is a big supporter of MORE with many of members active within their organization. This year we are partnering with MORE to bring the Wakefield trail system some love by clearing out weeds, removing debris, picking up trash, and filling in holes so that you can focus on riding when the time comes.

You should know that clearing trails is a full-time gig that cannot be done without your help. If you have the time, and are looking for a free race entry, we’re doing a trail day on June 11th, 2016. Everyone who comes out and helps (and checks-in and checks-out with the supervising PVC member — a very important step) will earn a free race entry with 2-hours of trail maintenance work. We will be putting out more details regarding meetup times and locations very soon, but mark your calendars for June 11th!

Wednesdays at Wakefield race series is once again proudly sponsored by The Bike Lane, with locations in both Burke and Reston. With their support, they provide us with a great array of awards each year, and often have The Bike Lane van out at our races to help you fix that stuff that always breaks on race day. The Bike Lane racing team also provides us with a sizable volunteer force during each race. The Bike Lane support certainly plays a role in making sure we have a Wednesdays at Wakefield race series each year, so stop by one of their shops, or tell them thank you when you see them out at Wakefield!

Our friends over at Trails for Youth will return to Wakefield to continue to direct the Junior’s racing part of Wednesdays at Wakefield. PVC makes sure that 15% of all our race proceeds always go to Trails for Youth, and you can donate or volunteer to help their efforts by visiting them online or at their registration tent on race day.

Wednesdays at Wakefield is organized and managed by the Potomac Velo Club. This army of volunteers gets all the behind-the-scenes work done prior to race day, is there before you arrive, works hard to make your race go well, and is their long after the race is over. If you see someone helping out in a PVC jersey, or any volunteer helping out (because some of our volunteers are race fans like you, or often The Bike Lane race team members members), please tell them Thank you, and let them know how much fun you’re having! If you would like to jump in and give us a hand, we are always looking for volunteers to make each Wednesday’s race better. Find Kyle Bondo or Jim Carlson on race day and ask how you can help!

If you heard any buzz about price increases, it was all rumors! PVC worked hard this year to make Wednesdays at Wakefield one of the only Mid-Atlantic race series that still has $20.00/per race-day registration for all adult classes! Having you, your friends, and your riding co-workers come out to each race helps keep it that way. Please keep spreading the word, challenging everyone you know, and registering early with

Please check for a full list of classes, but typically we race Juniors at 5:30pm, Beginners and Master classes at 6:00pm, and all the fast guys in the Sport and Expert classes at 6:55pm. We hold awards after each race, and finish the 6:55pm race awards around 8:30pm, with cleanup and final bug out normally by 9:00pm.

Parking will be in the same place as always — nose in along the gravel road — but unlike in past years, registration will down the gravel hill across from the Power Station. The new construction fencing may through you off at first, but we’ll have volunteers and signs up to help you navigate our new setup.

We look forward to have an awesome year of racing at Wakefield, and we hope you can get off work and come join us for some afternoon fun! Besides, think of all the traffic you’ll get to miss!
See you at Wakefield for our first race starting June 22nd, 2016.

About PVC
The Potomac Velo Club (PVC) was founded in 1992 to promote the sport of cycling. Based in Northern Virginia, membership consists of riders at all levels of cycling experience. Some members have been on the racing scene for over 20 years, while others are just starting out. Membership is open to all, no specific skills or experience is required. Check out their website to learn more about the Potomac Velo Club.