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Potomac Velo Club | June 26, 2022

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Wednesdays at Wakefield Returns

Wednesdays at Wakefield Returns
  • On June 8, 2015

ANNANDALE, VA — For over a decade now, the Potomac Velo Club (PVC) has been hosting the greatest mid-day race series on the East Coast. Called simply “Wednesdays at Wakefield“, this mountain bike event takes over the single-track of Wakefield Park on — you guessed it– each Wednesday evening. Over 200 riders find a way to get off work early for four spectacular weekdays of racing starting on June 24th. Pitched as a race “in your own backyard”, Wednesdays at Wakefield (W@W) features a very down-home and earthy venue, with none of the fancy frills normal race promoters seem to need these days. Instead, PVC keeps the price extremely low ($20 a race) so that W@W is more about riding, and less about t-shirts and pizza.

But don’t let that give you the wrong impression. PVC has done more racing in their 20+ year history then most of the Wednesday riders will do in a lifetime. And they show this through a simplified, yet highly organized event, that allows for enough riding categories to give everyone a fighting chance.

PVC keeps the price extremely low ($20 a race) so that W@W is more about riding, and less about t-shirts and pizza.

PVC puts their entire club to work with an all volunteer staff so that all top 3 finishers receive excellent prizes. To show that PVC is also a respected club throughout the USA Cycling, IMBA, and MABRA communities, they award top 3 Expert (both Men’s and Women’s) riders a cash purse, something very few local races can brag about. So if you’re interested in hanging out with the local mountain bike scene, but want to race with riders that have both regional and national championships under their belt, come on down to Wednesdays at Wakefield.

Both New Riders and Experienced Races Welcome

Wednesdays at Wakefield is a great venue to experience good, clean mountain bike racing. PVC prides itself in an event that is both safe and fair, and breaks the categories down to such a level, that every skill level can find a race that fits. Although the Northern Virginia mountain bike community tends to police itself, sandbaggers are an inevitable part of local cycling sport. Fortunately, most riders know one another enough to make sure a sandbagger doesn’t spoil the fun. With such a short course (approx. 3.5-miles per lap), must experienced riders find the need to race more than just 1 or 2 laps.

At Wakefield, you get the chance to turn trails you ride for fun on a quiet Saturday morning, into your very own mid-week race course!

To accommodate this, PVC has built category system (based on the USA Cycling categories) that allows for a category for just about every skill level. Don’t like gears? Race Single Speed with some of the fastest one-gear junkies in the DC area. Out size your fellow racers 2 to 1? Then the Clydesdale category is big enough for you to race with fellow power houses. Faster than a Beginner, but too slow to be an Expert? Then Masters and Sport is where you should be, where your fellow “mid-pack” riders get to slog it out with others of just enough equal skill. Never raced a mountain bike in your life? Then welcome to Beginners! And don’t worry, you will have plenty of company, because as a beginner at Wednesdays at Wakefield, you get the chance to turn trails you ride for fun on a quiet Saturday morning, into your very own mid-week race course! And don’t forget the grand finally. During every Wednesday night race, the Experts — riders who can complete a lap in sub-16 minute intervals — get to face off starting at 6:55PM! Top mountain bike team riders from Sky, Trek, and Cannondale (to mention just a few) have all been “sighted” racing at this event. You just never know who will show up this year!

Four Summer Races makes One Great Series

Wednesdays at Wakefield is not just a few races, it is an epic race series! Some come for one or two events, some even complete three. But for those that are driven, winning the four race series comes with its own set of prizes! Every place you earn (between 1st and 20th) in the W@W series gives you points towards the Series Championship.

Math is on your side with W@W Series points.

Riders in each category who win the most cumulative race points, can claim one of the top 3 places in the series. Because we rank riders from 1st to 20th place, those that race all four races have a better chance at claiming enough points to beat other riders. You may finish in between 4th and 10th every race, but if you race all four, your point totals could be enough to knock out that one 1st place rider that only showed up once! Math is on your side with W@W Series points, so do not miss a single race if you are on the hunt for Wednesdays at Wakefield Series Champion!

Find out more at our Wednesdays at Wakefield Event site!